the Anshei Minsk Synagogue

The Downtown Toronto Shul

High Holiday Schedule


Wednesday, Sept. 15
7:00pm – Mincha followed by Kol Nidrei

Thursday, Sept. 16
9:00am – Shacharis – Morning service
12:00pm – Yizkor followed by Mussaf
5:15pm – Mincha
6:30pm – Neilah
8:12pm – Maariv

Break your fast with us

The Rabbi's Message

ELUL   as we approach 5782

 Dear Members and Congregants

       Looking forward to davening together at the Anshei Minsk for the High Holidays. Proscribed Covid guidelines will be in place. Assembling at Shul arouses us to continue a deeper conversation with G-D, which we began last year and which the holy space of a Shul keeps precious. I know many of you want to attend but are concerned about Covid. We will have a special prayer at the Shul on your behalf.

Let me tell you a story. A rabbi in New York City shared his recent battle with Covid. Last Rosh Hashana he was not breathing. He lay comatose in New York University Hospital connected to an ecmo machine which removed the blood from his body, restored it with oxygen, removed the carbon dioxide and returned the reoxygenated blood to his body. Essentially it breathed for him. He emotionally shared that this year 5782 he is starting over with a new breath….  Breathing in the gratefullness for being alive … Inhaling a vision of His higher purpose.  G-D Almighty, please freshen me up – form me with a new spiritand I will sing ,(exhale what I  breath in) as a song, to YOU, Shir Chadash”, a new song!     This is such a unique time and there is so much to share so I’m looking forward to seeing you in Shul.

       Throughout the year we held weekday evening and all Shabbos services…Weekday and all Shabbos meals and Passover Seders continued. The Minsk is a Shul and a Home so we are open  much of the day. During Covid there is more not less to do. There is so much more to say.

Please join us after davening on Rosh Hashana for kiddush, lunch or dinner.

We appreciate your support.

Lchayim and Shana Tova

Rabbi Spero

Join Us for Shabbat

We host all the meals on Shabbat night, day and third meal.
We also have all the Shabbat prayers and always welcome visitors.

Join Us for Minyan

We have prayers for Shacharit every day at 7:40am. Mincha and Maariv too. (Check in just to make sure that it’s going on)

Find us at the address or phone number  below:
10 St. Andrew Street
Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1K6

Call us(647) 770 – 3479

If you’d like to contact us, send us a message or find us at the address below.

Our Address

10 St. Andrew Street Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario M5T 1K6