High Holiday Message

Elul 8 – 5775

Dear Congregants and friends,

We have just embarked on a 40 day journey beginning the 1st of Elul, thru Rosh Hashana, and ending the 10th of Tishrei, Yom Kippur. This period inspires us to rise above any inner doubts and cynicism towards ourselves. Our past needn’t block our efforts to grow a better future. It is a beautiful time that opens us up to a more positive vision. What we thought was beyond our grasp is now within  our reach. We blow the Shofar daily to remind us of this opportunity. Each Jewish New Year allows us to create a new world for ourselves from all the elements of our past and the potential of our future.

Almost every Shabbos visitors from afar join us after davening for our weekly evening and daytime Shabbos dinners. Invariably, they remark how enjoyable and uplifting their Shabbos at the Minsk was.This is a credit to our regulars and really describes the Shabbos we all experienced at the Shul.

A Shul is called a Beis Knesses, “a home of entering”. I understand this to mean:

  • A home where you feel very welcome to “enter”
  • A home where the prayers, the teachings, the camaraderie, and the kindness going on, “enter” and remain with you forever.

This is the goal of the Minsker Shul!
Thank you for your support!

Looking forward to seeing you weekdays or Shabbos at the Shul

Lchayim!  Shana tova ! and a year dipped in honey

Rabbi Shmuel Spero