Elul Note from the Rabbi

Elul 5774

Dear Congregants and Friends

In Your Face”, the year 5774. Widespread political upheavals and serious new threats to world safety. Demonstrations of hatred towards Jews in Europe and North America. Mourning over the abduction and murder of three sweet yeshiva students. Israel bombarded for weeks by rockets from Gaza. The verse, “your heavens will be as copper”, changed to a blessing (the iron dome). Israeli soldiers sacrificed their lives for us in battle. All these happenings joined Jews in prayer and good deeds, arousing within us a desire to please one another.

The world may be spinning out of control but the Jewish people are coming together!

This past Shabbos a visitor commented how nice the Shul sanctuary looks. Indeed! This year the benches were repaired and their wooden Star of Davids replaced. The “ bimah” chandeliers were stripped and polished. They glisten. Our backyard has been beautifully landscaped…. Thanks to our volunteers the Minsk shines.

The Shul continues to provide food, shelter, security and love for many Jews. We convey an understanding and practice of Judaism that can strike a common chord with Jews of different strengths and stages. Our Shabbos and Yom Tov celebrations offer hours of Torah study during and after the meals. Our location attracts many in need.

I’m glad we can help! Please make our Shabbos and weekday table an extension of your own!

Thank you for your support

On a personal note: B”H, My daughter Naomi landed in Eretz Yisroel today for at least a year of study.

Lchayim and Shana Tova

Rabbi Shmuel Spero