the Anshei Minsk Synagogue

The Downtown Toronto Shul

High Holiday Schedule


Sept. 25, 26, 27
6:50pm – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday evening

Sept. 26, 27
9:00am – Monday & Tuesday morning

Sept 26
11:00am – Monday  & Tuesday morning @ the shul
5:30pm – At Tashlich (weather permitting)

5:30pm – Monday along Spadina Pier
(the pier extending into the lake from where Spadina meets Queens Quay)


The Rabbi's Message

Dear Congregants and Friends

We are blessed!    Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur    Times of  trepidation and illumination; Finding joy thru our remorse. Significant times stir us towards our own significance.

Our meaningful and spirited services will join us together in prayer.

Anshei Minsk, one of Toronto’s historical Shuls, continues making new history. Our sacred space, though wide open to the street, maintains its dignity as a refuge and a conduit towards heaven…. Our Shabbos dinners and lunches after minyan is as vital as ever. It’s beautiful to witness lives uplifted by Shabbos. No one should eat alone or go hungry…. Weekday Mincha-Maariv begins after Succos iy”H. The Minsk is open daily and lives up to its ‘never a dull moment reputation’. People visit the Minsk out of curiosity and leave with a shot of inspiration..Thank you volunteers and supporters who recognize the common and unique responsibilities the Minsk is committed to.

……Two Mazal Tovs!  Naomi (welcome Eli) and  Dovi (welcome Peninah) got married in 5782.

 Shana Tova

Rabbi Spero

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Join Us for Shabbat

We host all the meals on Shabbat night, day and third meal.
We also have all the Shabbat prayers and always welcome visitors.

Join Us for Minyan

We have prayers for Shacharit every day at 7:40am. Mincha and Maariv too. (Check in just to make sure that it’s going on)

Find us at the address or phone number  below:
10 St. Andrew Street
Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1K6

Call us(647) 770 – 3479

If you’d like to contact us, send us a message or find us at the address below.

Our Address

10 St. Andrew Street Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario M5T 1K6