Anshei Minsk Tisha B’Av Schedule

Monday, July 31

6:30 PM     Supper before feast

7:45 PM     Mourners’ meal (Seudah Hamafsekes) We’re All Mourners

8:30 PM     Mincha

9:10 PM     Ma’ariv

9:30 PM     Reading of “Eicha” Book of Lamentations

Tuesday, August 1

9:00 AM     Shacharis

10:00 AM    “Kinos” Tisha B’Av readings led by Rabbi Mordechai Sevy, IDF Chaplin, and Scribe

6:30 PM     Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Tisha B’Av speakers video

8:15 PM     Mincha

9:05 PM     Ma’ariv

Meal following to the end of fasting

Let us gather together as a public recognition of the importance of this day.