the Anshei Minsk Synagogue

The Downtown Toronto Shul

The Rabbi's Message

ELUL 5783

Dear Congregants and Friends of Anshei Minsk

Recently my mother and my older brother passed away. I’m left with  a void, a silence which I’m trying to pierce thru to reach them. I talk to them which leaves me a bit restored and comforted. However when I pause, designate a ‘do not disturb’ space in my mind, the communication with them is more genuine and meaningful…. Similarly, we can pray anywhere. And we can have a unique G-D experience in those anywhere everywhere places. And yes the outside world is a stage for Tikun Olam. However to affirm and secure our great moments and our arrivals, we must bring them and ourselves before Hashem. Where? in SHUL, a Heaven certified space, The “Miniature Sanctuary for our People”[Ezekiel 11:16]. In Shul we step into the remnants of a prophetic trance with G-D. There, we awaken and restore the ‘miniature sanctuary’ within ourselves to travel with us to new anywhere and everywhere places.

Recently two Jewish leaders honored us with their presence. In March, the Loitzke Rebbe of Karlin-Stolin davened Shacharis at the Minsk. Afterwards, the Rebbe received everyone with encouraging words and blessings. In July, Rav Shimon Galet [Shlita}was in Shul for Shabbos. In Israel his time is not his own as people constantly seek his advice and blessing. Rav Galet sat next to a young man in the Minsk pointing along for him in the Chumash the entire  Torah reading. Wow!. ..Our legendary Shabbos night and day meals leave us on a high… This Shabbos we hosted families from Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Los Angeles and 6 students from France…. We cherish the unique opportunities and circumstances arriving at our doorstep. We are a Shul, a social agency-home, and a growing center for Jewish studies.

Hashem should grant you  – Good health and prosperity – Nachas and blessings within your family – Participation in the joyous destiny of our Jewish People.

Thank you for your encouragement and support

Looking forward to greeting you in 5784

Shana Tova

Rabbi Spero

High Holiday Schedule


Sept. 24
5:30pm = Dinner Before the Fast
7:05pm – Kol Nidrei

Sept. 25
9:00am – Shacharis
1:00pm – Yizkor
5:15pm – Mincha
6:30 pm – Neila
7:56 pm – Break the Fast

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We host all the meals on Shabbat night, day and third meal.
We also have all the Shabbat prayers and always welcome visitors.

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We have prayers for Shacharit every day at 7:40am. Mincha and Maariv too. (Check in just to make sure that it’s going on)

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Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario
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10 St. Andrew Street Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario M5T 1K6