Rosh Hashana is really Hashem’s New Year. We’re honoured He includes us in the proceedings of the day with blowing Shofar and davening. But! Hashem owns Rosh Hashana . After all, Hashem did not create this world with the hope that someday it may prove relevant. Rather His final vision is already contained in the original thought of Creation. Every Rosh HaShana Hashem asks the big questions.How is my Creation coming along? What needs to be added or removed from the world’s mix for it to
progress? Some suffering? Blessing? Light? Darkness?

Every Rosh Hashana our ‘cart’ full of good deeds and sins is thoroughly evaluated to determine the role we can play in actualizing His vision. At times big sacrifices are asked of those closest to Him. Thus our fortunes in the coming and future years may not seemingly reflect the true value of each year’s ‘cart’ but rather how we can best help in bringing Your vision closer.

This is what our patriarch Abraham meant when He answered “Hineni” to G-D “ at the onset of the Akeida, the binding of his son Yitzchak. “Hineni”-“Here I am”, ready for Your will to be my only will. Neither my questions, my consternation, the loss of my life’s work, nor even the loss of Isaac, can entangle me from carrying out Your will. I am here for You only; to move Your vision forward. Perhaps this is the essential thought to have in mind while hearing the Shofar.
“HINENI”, “Here I Am”.

“A World of Kindness will be be Built” (Psalm 89:3) Our Shul’s downtown location brings unique situations and responsibilities to its doorstep. This past year brought new challenges in reaching people in serious even desperate need and supporting them at a consistent level like never before. This attention helped them put their lives back together. Blessings to the Shul chevra who made such a difference.

The Shul’s weekly Shabbos meals send a clear message of love and assurance to everyone that they have a welcoming place. Shabbos is an antidote to loneliness. It is magical to see the genuine humanness that comes out thru the Shabbos celebration. Hours of Torah study follow the meals. I’m proud of the sincerity and increased commitment to Yiddishkeit our congregants are achieving. Thank you to all our volunteers and mispallelim for their dedication to the Minsk.

I just saw Yitzi off to Eretz Yisroel today for his 2nd year in Yeshiva. Dovi is already in Yerushalayim at Yeshiva. Mordechai Meir and Yisroel Zev are learning in the U.S.. Naomi is back in town doing wonderful things and studying at Seneca College. B”H they are all in good space.

We reach out to you for support of our unique activities. Thru your donations you are a part of the special chessed and Jewish outreach that the Shul carries on. Once again cheques should be made out to Beth Oloth Charitable Organization. This method has improved sending out receipts in a timely manner. On the enclosed form, not on your cheque memo, please specify the different categories of your donation. The schedule for High Holiday Services is listed below. See you in Shul and we’ll give it our best.

Wishing you a year of health and happiness

Rabbi Spero

P.S. If you’re wondering; so when does our life truly reflect the good deeds and sins we have done in this world? Welcome to the “LIFE AFTER”-“OLAM HABAH”! the next stage of the Vision after passing on. That subsequent life reflects who we were in this world.