High Holiday Schedule

Rosh Hashana 5778

Evening Times
Sept. 20th: Wed. Eve. 7pm
Sept. 21st: Thurs. Eve 7pm

Morning Schedule – Sept. 21st & 22nd
Shacharis 8:30am
Torah reading 10:00am
Shofar blowing 11:00am
Musaf 11:30am

I encourage all our congregants to stay on after the first set of shofar blowing
and also daven the Musaf Shmoneh Esrei with us. There’s a special treat! In the
middle of the Shmoneh Esrei we blow the Shofar 3 different times.

Also we have an excellent Chazzan this year, Avraham Trepp. Stay. enjoy. sing. get inspired.

The above schedule should give you more staying time.


Also please join us for Yom Tov meals after the davening both night and day on
Rosh Hashana.